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How Do I Register My New Television?
Registering your new Television is quick and easy. Click the link below, populate the "Required" fields and submit your information. Sigmac USA will record your purchase and store the information for future reference.
Video Connection and Setup
Video Connection Graphic
How to troubleshoot the picture on a TV.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot a television picture if you are experiencing problems with the picture.

1. Check the connections on your TV to ensure they are properly connected.

2. Press the menu button to bring up the On Screen Display. Go to Picture Settings, and choose Reset Picture Settings.

3. Cycle through the different Picture Modes that are available in your Picture Settings. If the factory set Picture Modes are not to your preference, you have the option to set your Picture Mode to Custom and adjust each specific setting to your liking.

4. Try viewing a program from a different source such as a DVD player or game console. If the problem you are experiencing is only on one source, it may be caused by that specific source. Please contact the manufacturer of the device to further troubleshoot.

5. Power the TV off and unplug the TV, then press the power button for 5 seconds. Plug the TV back in and power back on.

If this does not resolve your problem please contact our technical support for further assistance. Please have your Serial Number ready and be by your TV at the time the call is made.

Refer to the User Manual provided with the TV if model specific instructions are needed to adjust any of these settings. You can find the User Manual for your TV here.

Why will my remote not control my TV?

If everything is working on your remote with the exception of the channel up and down buttons: Click Here

If your remote is not working at all here are some troubleshooting steps for your remote control:

1. Make sure that the remote sensor on the TV is not obstructed.

2. If you have a Universal Remote: Press the "TV" button on your remote and try the remote.

It should look like this:

3. Remove the batteries from the remote and press every button one at a time. Replace the batteries and try the remote.

4. Replace the batteries.

5. You can use a camera to see if the remote is sending a signal

If the remote is not sending a signal it will look like this when you push a button on the remote:

If the remote is sending out a signal it will look like this when you push a button on the remote:

If you can see that the remote is not sending a signal or if it is sending a signal and is still not functioning properly then contact our tech support.

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